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The Town of Chelmsford is a business-friendly community with informed Town staff that can provide step by step support for permitting and approvals. Our mission is to ensure that each new, existing and relocating business in the Town has a clear understanding of Town ordinances and local programs available for strategic business planning. We focus on helping businesses avoid unforeseen circumstances during the site development and approval process. This permitting guide provides a strong foundation to make informed decisions and helps to establish meaningful municipal partnerships with businesses in the Town of Chelmsford. The Town provides an economic development team with a designated business development person to help your company acheive the highest probability of success. We take pride in our business community and can assist you through the development cycle, from initial discussions to growth and maturation. We would like to learn more about your business interest so that we may guide you through our permitting process, grand (re)opening ribbon cutting and long term sustainability programs. You’ll become connected with the necessary Town Department(s) and approval schedules to include a checklist of permit requirements, licenses, inspections, and fees.

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To take the first step towards opening a business in the Town of Chelmsford, please contact Lisa Marrone, Director of Business Development at 978.244.3303.
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Business Development Programs

Technical Support and Business Service

The Town of Chelmsford offers a strong network of technical programming support and services to small, medium, and large companies.  The municipal team works collectively to review and guide new businesses, expanding companies, and established employers through implementation, stabilization, and growth.

Chelmsford offers forward-thinking customer service to all businesses located here and those inquiring. Our municipal economic development team works as your liaison. We will help you build partnerships with municipal departments, local services, and state agencies to help you resolve problems pertaining to any complex issues that may impact your development vision.

Our goal is to offer the highest level of service by utilizing all resources to support your companies needs.

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Business Site Visits and Facility Tours

Effective business support involves a combination of networking, resources, and customer service.  The Chelmsford business development team encourages business site visits to establish open communication and build partnerships.  We can better serve your business if our professional staff understands your operational needs, challenges and obstacles.

If you are interested in scheduling a business site visit with the Chelmsford Business Development team, please contact Town Hall at (978) 250-2501 or Lisa Marrone, Director of Business Development, directly at (978) 735-3324.

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Site Finder Assistance (available space for lease)

We support businesses to focus on Chelmsford space when they are considering site re/location. Our Site Finder Assistance Program is designed to be business friendly and create a positive first impression

If you are interested in scheduling a business site visit with the Chelmsford Business Development team, please contact Town Hall at (978) 250.5201 or Lisa Maronne, Director of Business Development, directly at (978) 735.3324

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Referrals to Economic Development Partners

We help to support the Chelmsford business community by making local businesses aware of local, state, and federal resources that may assist a business in its development activities . We help to marshal the resources of regional agencies, associations, and councils to aid businesses with their vision for doing business in Chelmsford.

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Financial Incentives

We offer local and state Economic Development Incentive Programs- real estate tax incentives to encourage expansion programs, job creation and retention programs. Included are workforce training funds for general grants, express grants, and small business direct access program.

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Ribbon Cutting Program

We like to publicize our partnership with new entities moving into Chelmsford. This program provides free advertising for the business. It showcases a partnership with Chelmsford’s local businesses and municipal government entities such as the Chelmsford Business Association, Lowell Chamber of Commerce, Chelmsford Economic Development Committee, Town Manager’s Office,  and local media. We all work together to strengthen our “business community.”

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Workforce Development

Middlesex Community College (for a small fee) will write all the workforce training fund grant applications.  The majority of companies utilize the local community college for this type of service. The college offers a regular information session for employers to understand the application process.

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