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Partner with Chelmsford

The Town of Chelmsford is a business-focused community with an economic development team that can provide step-by-step support for permitting and approvals. We help businesses avoid unforeseen circumstances during the site development and approval process and work to ensure that each new, existing, and relocating business in Chelmsford has a clear understanding of our ordinances and the strategic business planning programs and other resources that are available to them.

Permitting Guide

If you’re opening a food establishment, retail, services, or office business, take a look at our Permitting Guide, which provides clear, easy-to-follow procedures for proposed developments in Chelmsford. Learn more.

The Route 129 Business Amenities Overlay District

The Route 129 Business Amenities Overly District envisions transformational redevelopment of properties. The Town’s economic development team offers developers and investors with guidance related to project concept, feasibility, and permitting for constructing a new building or modifying an existing building/site in this district. Learn more.

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Town Programs and Services

Properties For Sale

The Town of Chelmsford’s Business Development Director maintains a database of properties available for sale. In  some cases, properties are not officially listed for sale, but we may be aware that the owner is open to the possibility. Contact us to learn more.

Real Estate/Land Development

In cases where a developer or investor is interested in expanding to an existing building or is looking at a possible redevelopment/re-use, the Town’s Community Development Director can discuss the opportunities available via the Route 129 Business Amenities Overlay District, including flexible zoning and expedited and streamlined permitting.

Project Advocacy

Upon initial engagement with staff, proposed projects are presented to the Town’s Economic Development Commission (EDC), which will assist in determining how it may fit into the Route 129 vision. Upon agreement about the proposed project, the EDC then serves in an advocacy role as the project moves through the permitting process.

Tax Incentives and State Development Programs

Tax Incentives

Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP) | Administered by the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, EDIP is a tax incentive program designed to foster full-time job creation and stimulate business growth throughout the state. Learn more.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) | The Town of Chelmsford and an existing or new business agree to a property tax exemption based on a percentage of the value added through new construction or significant improvement for a period of 5-20 years. The benefit is provided based on need and the project’s potential for new investment and job creation.

Special Tax Assessment (STA) | This local property tax abatement with a minimum duration of five years is available to property owners. It is assessed based on the full value of the existing or proposed building and the value of the land. The benefit is provided based on need and the project’s potential for new investment and job creation.

Investment Tax Credit (ITC) | This tax credit is offered by Massachusetts for projects that include property investment, added manufacturing machinery, and business expansion with job creation and/or job retention. The level of ITC is based upon the overall cost of the project and provides two designations: either a 10% tax credit on the overall cost of the project or $30,000 per each full-time permanent job created during the duration of the tax incentive agreement, whichever is less. Learn more.

Abandoned Building Tax Deduction | If a project involves the renovation and reuse of an abandoned building where 75% of the space has been vacant for a period of 24 months, the project may be entitled to receive a one-time corporate tax deduction equal to 10% of the cost associated with the renovation of the abandoned building. This deduction is available for personal income taxpayers (Schedule C or E) or for corporations whose tax liability is determined by net income. Learn more.

Development Programs

MassWorks Infrastructure Program | This grant program provides a robust and flexible source of capital funds to support and accelerate housing and job growth. It can be used for design, construction, building, land acquisition, rehabilitation, repair and other improvements to publicly-owned infrastructure including, but not limited to, sewers, utility extensions, streets, roads, curb-cuts, parking, water treatment systems, telecommunications systems, transit improvements, public parks and pedestrian and bicycle ways. Learn more.