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The Town of Chelmsford works with commercial property owners to provide step-by-step support for retaining and attracting business tenants. Our economic development team is here to help you and your tenants with any permitting and approvals that are required for capital improvements.

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Property Owner Programs

Assistance Filling Vacant Space

The Town of Chelmsford’s Director of Business Development Lisa Marrone maintains a database of properties available for sale, which is shared with businesses looking to locate or grow here. If you’d like a specific listing to be included in the database, please send the details to Lisa Marrone at lmarrone@chelmsfordma.gov.

Permitting & Approvals

In most cases, a new or existing business will only need a permit if internal modifications are being made to a building. However, in some cases when there’s a change of use and/or exterior site modifications, zoning permits may be needed. The Town’s Director of Business Development can identify any specific zoning permits and procedures that may be necessary. Contact us.

Real Estate/Land Development 

In cases where a developer or investor is interested in expanding to an existing building or is looking at a possible redevelopment/re-use, the Town’s Community Development Director can discuss the opportunities available via the Route 129 Business Amenities Overlay District, including flexible zoning and expedited and streamlined permitting.

Other Business Attraction and Retention Programs

Transportation Assistance at the Cross Roads

Financial Assistance

MassDevelopment Commercial Real Estate Loans | Real estate loans that can be used to fund facility acquisition, renovation, construction, and permanent financing. The program offers:

  • Loans or bank loan participations up to $7.5 million
  • Construction loans, usually made in partnership with another lender
  • Permanent financing loans
  • Loan advance rates up to 90% of the property value for owner-occupied real estate

Mass Save | Managed and delivered by local utility sponsors in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, Mass Save offers a variety of energy efficiency solutions and financing options for large and small buildings (20,000 square feet and above). Energy efficiency opportunities for businesses include:

  • No-cost facility assessments to find and prioritize ways to save energy and costs for electric and gas, including updating or retrofitting equipment
  • Energy efficiency improvements that can be installed and paid for up to 70% by the sponsors of Mass Save
  • Energy efficiency solutions for new buildings and major renovations, from projecting energy usage to purchasing equipment. Contact Mass Save early in the design process, before you purchase new equipment. They can advise you on technical issues, provide financial incentives, and help you make a smart, comprehensive plan for a high-performing, energy-efficient building